Natural Voice Recognition


the challenge

Talking with a living Holocaust survivor is a life-changing experience. Young learners in particular have benefitted from listening to speakers in their classrooms and having the opportunity for question-and-answer interactions. These interactions establish an emotional connection and create learning that is meaningful and lasting. As survivors age, the opportunity to have such conversations with them is becoming increasingly rare and will eventually be lost forever. 

To preserve this experience, EW4D’s holographic technology and show control enables developer Conscience Display, specialists in exhibition design and interactive digital storytelling, to create deep engagement through user led immersive environments. Conscience Display has partnered with USC Shoah Foundation, experts in the field of audiovisual Holocaust & Genocide testimony, education and prevention, and the USC Institute for Creative Technology (ICT), on New Dimensions in Testimony, an innovative research and development initiative that will enable a life-like dialogue between a Holocaust survivor and public far into the future.

our solution

The functionality and visual enhancements of the theater design has been carefully engineered by EW4D to further enhance the poignant stories of these remarkable holocaust survivors, utilizing state-of-the-art automated and theatrical lighting, pristine sound, two large LED screens, and dramatic video content.

Take A Stand Theater 2.jpeg
ILHMEC 1.jpg