Our Story


For nearly 20 years...

EventWorks 4D has been incorporating new and emerging technologies into our event production capabilities. What began as an audio, video, and event production company has evolved into a globally recognized leader in holographic technology.

EW4D’s live and interactive holographic technologies present images that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Audiences are no longer tied to 2D screens or lenticular glasses to experience in 3D. From corporate events to museum installations, our holographic content provides freedom to see the visual magic with the naked eye.

We’ve produced holographic presentations for the Cleveland Clinic, Steris Corp., GlaxoSmithKline, Samsung, and Verizon Wireless. In 2017, our team was commissioned to design, stage, and implement the "Take A Stand" Holocaust Survivor Theater at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. The exhibit uses AI interface, developed by the USC Shoah Foundation, to enable Holocaust survivors to tell their stories in an interactive holographic theater.

Our suite of event tools includes unique digital solutions such as 3D holographic mixed reality displays, life scale holographic presentations, and immersive holographic speaker support. We offer this cutting edge array of visual and audio solutions in partnership with technology and production companies from around the globe.

EW4D fires up the imaginations of the corporate, entertainment and retail industries by offering dynamic technologies to communicate brand messages in ways never before imagined.

Visit our state-of-the-art demo theater to experience it for yourself.

A Cleveland native is using hologram technology to make a national, even global, impact from a Cleveland warehouse - it's just one of the ways embracing technology is making A Better Land.