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Tell us more about this project. Is it a product demo, corporate event, trade show, pitch to a potential customer, other—specify. Are you looking for on-stage holographic projection or a mixed reality display?
What does the execution of this project look like? For example, for an animation featuring a specific type of car. The car can be flashing lights, spinning wheels, opening and closing doors/trunk, etc. Are there people in the animation? If so, does this project require a live video shoot?
Please share any the space requirements if they exist for your event space, or any specific preferences you may have for this holographic technology application. Please include budget details as much as possible.
If applicable, please provide links to images or videos which illustrate or inspire your vision of the content.
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Please send links to your brand book for guidelines if relevant. Are there any special requirements if your logo is placed on a dark/black background? Provide links to creative marketing assets that content creation purposes, if available. File formats for creative marketing assets: For 3D objects: *.obj *.max *.c4d *.fbx *.abc *.3ds Vector format for logos/texts: *.ai *.eps *.cdr

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